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Expedition-Motorhomes and all-wheel-drive Motorhomes

There are many reasons for Expedition-Motorhomes based on older or pre-used chassis.
To reduce costs is a considerable one when the chassis is owned already. Sometimes,
the simple repair method of a mechanically controlled power train can be essential. These
vehicles can be serviced and repaired worldwide – without complex failure diagnosis
terminals. Very often, the travelers are capable to do these jobs on their own. Obviously,
there are important factors to consider these vehicles. If you are looking for a pre-owned
vehicle, we will be glad to assist you in consulting and finding an appropriate one.
Below you will find some examples of customer vehicles and cabins – get inspired by the
variety of options of our Expedition-Motorhomes and all-wheel-drive Motorhomes.
Expeditionsmobil DB
Allradwohnmobil auf Daimler Chassis
Expeditionsmobil DB 1117 A
Fernreisemobil DB
Expeditionsfahrzeug DB
DB 1117 A
Expeditionmotorhome Cabin
DB 1117 A
Motorhome DB1117 A
Motorhome DB 917 A
Motorhome Cabin DB 917 A
Click on the link will show the interior of the cabin   (if applicable)
Transformation from water cannon to peace messenger
Expeditionsmobil in Island
Expeditionsmobil DB 1017 Expeditionsmobil DB 1017
Motorhome MB 1017
Transformation from maintenance depot vehicle
Füss Motorhome
in Iceland
to Expedition-Motorhome
Expeditionsmobil STEYR Expeditionsmobil MAN STEYR
All-wheel-drive Motorhome
Expeditionsmobil_DB_1117 Expeditionsmobil_DB_1117
Motorhome DB 1117
Expeditionsmobil_MAN Expeditionsmobil_MAN
back to
Motorhome DB
Motorhome MAN
Expeditionsmobil DB 1124 Expeditionsmobil DB 1124
Motorhome DB 1124
Motorhome MAN 19331
Motorhome DB 920 AF
Motorhome_MAN 14.220 Motorhome MAN 14.220
MAN Motorhome Motorhome MAN 16-232
Motorhome MAN-16-232
Motorhome MB AXOR Motorhome MB AXOR 1829 A
Expeditionsmobil_AXOR Expeditionsmobil MB AXOR 1829 A
Motorhome MB AXOR 1829 A
Motorhome MB AXOR 1829 A
Expeditionsmobil MAN Expeditionsmobil MAN 14.285
Motorhome MAN 14.285 LA(E)
Motorhome MAN 18.285 Expeditionsmobil MAN 18.285
Motorhome MAN 18.285 LE
Expeditionsmobil STEYR 12 M 23 Expeditionsmobil STEYR 12 M 23
Motorhome STEYR 12 M 23
Expeditionsmobil STEYR 12S21 Motorhome STEYR 12 S 21
Motorhome STEYR 12 S 21
Motorhome_MAN 14.250
Expeditionsmobil MAN 19331 Expeditionsmobil MAN 19331
Allradwohnmobil MAN_AMA Expeditionsmobil DB 920 AF
Motorhome MAN 14.220