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All-wheel-drive Motorhome MAN 14.220 4x4

Expeditionsmobil MAN 14.220
This 4x4 Motorhome with it´s very high-class interior accessories is designed as long-distance Motorhome.
The compact floating entry-system does not touch ground. A large, from the inside accessible garage and
several outside storage containers add up to a lot of storage room. There is a roof load carrier system,
a motorbike and spare wheel carrier system with crane. Solar panels and large tailor-made water and fuel
tanks are required for long-distance travels without supply stations.
Floating entry-system
Living room
Animation Wohnbereich
The open, bright coloured living room creates a lot of space and optical extent. The clear lines generate
a modern ambience. The HPL laminated surfaces are scratch resistant and easily cleanable. High altitude
capable tempered glass windows and KCT bug screens keep off burglars and bugs. A very detailed
design concept creates enormous comfort and plenty of storage room. A lockable passage to the driver
cabin increases safety during shipping, as only the ignition key needs to be deposited.
Entry and passage
The open design generates a lot of space. All cabinets and the entrance to the bathroom are easily
accessible. The garage can be accessed via the door under the bed. A bug screen door at the
entrance enables comfortable ventilation without being annoyed by any insects.
The bedroom holds a high quality mattress that guarantees a good, relaxing sleep. Large cabinets,
reading lights, KCT windows with blinds and screens offer a lot of comfort. The roof hatch with bug
screen can be opened during warm nights and also used as passage.
A well-equipped bathroom is an essential comfort factor on long-distance travels. The 90 x 90 shower
tub is easy to clean, the entire bathroom is roomy dimensioned. A large mirror above the washstand,
plenty of storage compartments, towel dryer and the large roof hatch make a real comfort zone in this
Eingangsbereich und Durchgang
The kitchen is equipped with a 3-flame natural gas stove including glass cover, oven and sink made of
stainless steel. The work panel is coated and easily cleanable. The large fridge, roomy drawers and
cabinets provide a lot of space in the kitchen.
Einstiegsystem am Expeditionsmobil