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Chassis of our motorhomes

As we consider current chassis only with limited suitability for trips outside Europe due to electronic components, we recommend reconditioned chassis up to Euro 2 (exhaust standard).
On the test track
Reisemobil bei der Testfahrt

Frame extensions can be made both within the wheelbase and the rear area. To obtain an optically pleasing and more important, to get a perfect technical result (e.g. extreme off-road capabilities and best possible driveability), most precise calculations are essential. Plenty factors like wheel dimensions, slope angle etc. need to be considered.

Chassis DB 1224
Chassis DB 1017
We recommend e.g.:
DB 917 / 1117 / 1120 / 1124 between production year
1994 - 1998 emission - classification EURO 2

In combination with our cabins in simple configuration
the total weight of some specified basic trucks can be
reduced to 7,49 to.
Needless to say that we assemble new chassis if desired, e.g. MAN or DB.
Frame extensions As the availability of applicable premium chassis is limited, we are capable to adjust the frame lenght of the chassis according to the cabin dimensions.
Changes to the
framework are carried
out according to the
guidelines specified by
the manufacturer
The vehicles are overhauled
to the minutest detail prior
to further designing
This provides a maximum grip of the driving wheels and results in the best possible cross country features of the motorhome. Additionally, the freely fixed cabin does not limit the chassis movement during an off road trip. Maximum traction of the driving wheels and best cross country capabilities is thus granted. The multi point mount is calculated and built individually per motorhome, granting the cabin not to be strained or damaged.
Flexible three or four point mounts provide a degeneration of the chassis twisting movements. The occuring chassis twisting movements on off road drives are kept off the cabin resulting in a unbeatable durability of the cabin.
Furthermore, the freely mount cabin does not limit the traction movements of the chassis.
Up to 60 cm level difference per wheel is balanced by the flexible mount without putting load on the cabin.

Cabin mount on the chassis

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