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Füss Motorhomes – Company History


The company is located in the Danube natural preserve on the south rim of the Swabian mountains, close to the idyllic
river Lauchert. For many years, desert capable expedition and world travel Motorhomes have been manufactured.
Established in 1868 by Gervasius Füss, in those days as agricultural machinery factory.
In the early 1980´s, a change happens in the
agricultural sector under the former owner,
Herbert Füss. Inspired by own travels and experiences,
the manufacturing of Motorhomes begins.

In 1999, this business replaces the decreasing
agricultural trade completely. The construction of
Motorhomes based on all-wheel-drive trucks is
developed further on.

In January 2008, Frank Oechsner takes over the
company. Herbert Füss resigns from the company lead
due to seniority. He is still acting as consultant for the
company with his enormous knowledge and experience.

In order to meet customer requests of larger vehicles
and an increasing demand of Füss Motorhomes, the expansion of the production facility is necessary in
summer 2011. Simultaneously, RV production is added to
the portfolio. Planning and construction departments are
streamlined and extended. Therefore we are well
prepared to implement high-class, most recent
technology into our vehicles to meet exclusive customer
Expeditionsmobilbau Fuess
Production facility in Bingen
Expeditionsmobile Kabinenbau
Cabin construction of Motorhomes
For the last 35 years, many Expedition-Motorhomes have
been built here that stand the test worldwide.
LKW in der Wueste