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Expedition-Motorhome DB 1117

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Due to drive train optimization a powerful and very dependable long run Motorhome, using only limited electronics. The vehicle is off-road capable, worldwide parts logistics in an emergency allow
comparatively easy repairs. Large fuel and water tanks and a solar system permit the Expedition-
Motorhome to be independent of supply stations for a long time. The removable tire pressure control
assures best possible movement forward in almost any terrain through easy operation
while driving.
Living area
The furniture is made of dull HPL laminate finished with decor edges and thus easily cleaned. Finger
prints can´t be noticed on this surface. The cushion padding is sturdy and of timeless elegance. LED
illumination provides a pleasant, warm (and energy saving) atmosphere.
The bedroom holds HPL laminated, roomy cabinets. The mattress-system with flexible suspension elements
provides highest sleeping comfort. Tempered glass windows are equipped with bug screens and blinds. The
large roof opening can be used during warm nights, as necessary screens and blinds are provided there as
The kitchen contains a 3-flame natural gas stove and a sink. The dull laminated surface is scratch resistant
and easily cleaned.
Overhauled driver´s cab with
comfortable, adjustable and heated
air-suspension seats
Custom-made diesel
tank with steps
Large, from inside
and outside accessible
storage compartment
Tire pressure control equipment
Fahrzeugheck und Anbauteile
Stainless steel
storage container
Spare wheel and
sand panel brackets
Durchgang und Nasszelle
Cabinets in the entrance area provide lots of
space, the passage to the bedroom is wide and
offers a roomy impression.
Shower/toilet are separated from the wash-
stand, roomy and equipped with cabinets that
can easily hold your toiletries.