Füss-Mobile ... for individuals who want more!

Motorhome construction based on DB 917 A, double cabin

Füss-Mobil - on the way in Canada
Interior accessories made of HPL-laminate or Corian-composite with authentic wood curbs
Roomy, velours-cushioned suite with storage compartment under the seat
a Canadian hunter in his home pilotage area
Fully equipped kitchen
Pass to bathroom and bedroom

High class equipment, four flame natural gas stove, oven, fridge, many storage compartments, workplate made of Corian-composite, sink made of stainless steel

These kitchens are completely furnished. Meaning essential convenience for most customers on long trips.

Sanitary equipment
Separate shower and toilet result in less cleaning effort. Wash stand and shower tub made of Corian-composite.
Authentic wood table, waxed, lowerable for additional sleeping room