Füss-motorhomes ... for individuals who want more!

Accessories for motorhomes

Out of various important, convenient and comfortable accessories, we would like to show you some examples.

If you have specific needs, please let us know.
Solar systems keep you independent of power networks that are not available in certain areas.
Motorbike platform
Solar panel
Hydraulic recovery winches
Custom-made roof load carrier systems with access and optional removable winch lift to alleviate lifting heavy loads onto the roof. We design and make your customized carrier system out of steel (hot-dip galvanized or powder coated). Premium tungsten-inert gas welded stainless steel carriers with ground surface represent the highest standard regarding carrier systems. We are looking forward to advise you.

Custom-made storage room with ATV carrier
In lifted position, the carrier system which is mount on the extended frame, is used as storage room. In lowered position, an ATV which is driven onto the platform over sand panels, can be loaded. Inside the lifting platform and on both sides, additional lockable storage spaces are integrated. We design and build transport and storage systems fitting your motorhome. We are looking forward to advise you.

There are several options of storage rooms implemented in these customer vehicles: Between chassis and cabin, rear carrier with ATV lift, diverse carriers mount on the chassis.

Tailor-made Diesel tanks (certified by TÜV) and water tanks of polyethylen including tank holders.
Tire pressure control equipment for expedition vehicles
With changing slope conditions, tire pressure will have to be permanently
Reifendruckregelanlage für Expeditionsmobile
Reifendruckregelanlage für Allradwohnmobile
Reifenfülldruckanlage für Expeditionsmobile
The conventional course of action is for the driver to stop
the vehicle each time and adjust each of the tire pressures
to optimum. This is only possible with an inflating hose. This
requires long immobilization time and it will be necessary
for the driver to get out whatever the weather condition
maybe. In order to face these problems we have developed
a cheap, modular backfitting system that can be operated
from the driver’s cabin while driving. The device can be
tailored to suit all types of vehicles. Please ask for our
brochures or allow us to advise you
Hydraulische Frontwinde
Installation of water filters
– often indispensable due
to the water qualities of the
areas we travel through.
Air-conditioning (for driver's cab and dwelling cabin) – in many regions more than just a pleasant comfort.
Hydraulic recovery winches help you out of unpleasing situations when you or your companion got stuck.
The mount of the tire pressure control equipment will be performed in our facilities or in a certified shop in your area.